holt Media enables experts, specialists and entrepeneurs to succeed at every level of the business, in any part of the business. We aim to drive faster results, and more cost effective than traditional marketing.

Viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a video
— Adelie Studios
Businesses using video grow revenue 49% faster year-over-year
— Aberdeen

Currently, a lot of businesses provide excellent services and are able to help a lot of people with their problem, only that they don’t have enough people to help.

Most experts learn their skills in University og Collage, but what they don’t teach you is the business side of things - especially marketing. This is fine and all if you just want a job in a firm, but for the ones that open their own business, it’s a problem.

Simultaneously, spreading focus will only hurt business. The core values should resolve around relentless customer focus, and therefore not be penalized by the marketing aspect of it. We believe that you should stick to your profession, and let us stick to our profession.

As opposed to the old marketing methods to look good, while not necessarily achieving your desired results. We’re focused on creating efforts that shorten the path to what people truly want - predictable results and return on investment.

The sole purpose of our service is to help our customers grow their income (bigger), in less time (faster), for the the least amount of time and money investment possible (cost effective).

When we, Holt Media, ask questions of what to do in our business, these considerations come first. Will it help our customers grow? Will it help increase the speed of their success? Will this make it less expensive for them to succeed?

The truth we keep in mind is that people don’t to spend time on effort on marketing. They want it for the sake of an outcome, typically higher earning potential in their business, increased revenue, more time for fulfilling work, and meaningful relationships with their coworkers, team members, and customers.

We will continue to measure our company and products against these outcomes. We are relentlessly focused on ensuring we provide the most efficient and effective paths to real world results for our customers.



result focused marketing


21st century strategy framework

Holt Media is on a mission to help you clarify your message, develop quality websites, create trust and awareness, and convert more visitors into paying customers. We do this because we know that business, through the solutions they serve their customers, can change the world for the better. However, we know that quality products and services on their own are not enough. As business owners, we’re not just in a race to get our products to market; we’re also in a race to communicate why our customers need our products in their lives. The clarity of our offer is what separates the winners from the losers in business.

The reason most marketing collateral is a waste of money and doesn’t work is that the marketing is too complicated. Our brains don’t process the information. The more simple and predictable the communication format, the easier it is to digest. Video is so effective as a communication asset because it is a sense-making mechanism. It makes music out of the noise.

Our focus is to increase your sales with proven methods used by the best, without any guesswork. Business isn't magic, it's cause and effect.

Communication in the 21st century is not the same way it used to be. People tend to listen less and less to traditional advertising and more to people in their circle of trust. In order to gain a new customer, you must gain their trust.
— Henrik Holt




website optimisation

Your site is your company's showcase. It is therefore essential to have a clear, easy to use and effective website. With use of clear call to action and strategic copywriting we increase the likelihood of visitors to gain interest and act.

conversion goals marketing

In order to better convey your company's message and impact each visitor. We also realize your sales funnels which allow a considerable increase in conversion rates on your website up to 500%.



video sales letter production

The way you make people trust you and your business is with human connections. Video is a digital commodity that allows you to connect with humans on a deeper level than any other asset your business can have at scale, and work free up your time from the sales process.

core offer restructure

In the terms of investment, we want to be able to increase your revenue, but most importantly, your profits. Structuring your offers in a value ladder based model allowes your business to offer services at any price with an strategy towards the core offers, up sell and top sell.



paid traffic

With paid media we will increase website traffic and leads flowing into the top of your new sales funnel. The calculated strucure of this method allowes you to predictabilly predict future customers and track sales. With this new knowledge, you will know the price of each new lead and customer.

ltv optimalisation

The core to any business is sales. The most difficult part to any business is to sell to new leads. However, selling to already paying customers is a lot easier as they already know your business. Our strategy resolves around increasing the long term value (LTV) of each new customer.




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