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A few things💡
clients normally ask us:

Do you have a degree, or is everything self thought?

Yes! I got my bachelor in marketing and leadership from BI Business School, however I've never credited any of my skills or knowledge to this. I value my self thought skills by a tenfold.

How long will a project take?

This will of course depend from project to project! But I pride myself with moving fast and delivering on time, so no matter what your deadline is we will find a way to get it done in time.

Can you tell me more about Holt Media?

Holt Media was founded by Henrik Holt in 2016. Henrik is a videographer, photographer and digital marketing specialist who helps companies profit wildly through digital marketing. Henrik received his Bachelor's Degree from BI business school and went on to become a digital marketing specialist from an early age. Although he has a degree in marketing, he is mostly self thought in digital marketing, photography and videography. Since then, Henrik has worked with various businesses as a marketer and photographer and he has helped his clients gain choke holds in their respective markets, online.

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